stay safe: medaille college operations through covid-19 pandemic

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stay safe

stay safe - covid-19 Related Information for Medaille Students, Faculty and Staff

$25 citations will be issued to those who do not follow college policies for covid-19 safety and wellness requirements.


fall 2020 plans

the restart medaille plan meets the new york state department of health’s reopening new york higher education guidelines, and will serve as medaille college’s guide for restarting on-campus operations on the buffalo and rochester campuses for the fall 2020 semester. the plan remains subject to change due to new information received from public health and government authorities, and all decisions will be made in adherence to federal, state and county regulations, mandates and health guidelines.

we will regularly update this page with new information as more details emerge, so please visit it often.

fast facts guide for students returning to campus

Medaille College President Dr. Kenneth M. Macur

we are very excited to welcome you back for the fall 2020 semester! we have all the things necessary to make your stay at medaille college safe and healthy.

medaille college president dr. ken macur


our top priority continues to be preserving the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and their families, while keeping our students on the path to meeting their graduation and career goals.

medaille college developed this restart plan with a deep commitment to meeting student needs and the best interests of our surrounding communities. we acknowledge that covid-19 impacts groups differently, and diligently strive to embrace a response that is inclusive, equitable and effective in supporting everyone in our medaille family. we are also committed to utilizing tactics and equipment that assist us in keeping a rich, personalized education at the forefront at medaille, and we are designing the fall semester to give students optimum flexibility.

it should come as no surprise that every school seems to have a different plan. the variations seem endless, which reflects the unique nature of each college. know that we’ve looked at a lot of other schools’ plans to find the pieces and parts that we think would work best for our campus community, and we chose to implement a plan that we feel has the best chance of running all the way through the semester.

the success of this plan depends on medaille’s greatest strength: our community. students, faculty, staff and campus visitors have a responsibility to follow public health and campus protocols at all times. getting through this global pandemic is a community exercise. as a community of almost two thousand members on the buffalo campus, two hundred members in the residence halls, and two hundred members on our rochester campus, we are doing things differently this semester, for ourselves, for our loved ones, for others, and for their loved ones. thank you, in advance, for doing your part to help your fellow students, faculty and staff be safe and feel safe.

these response plans are dynamic, as needs and standards continue to evolve. plans reported are subject to change due to any new information received from public health or government authorities.


course schedules & Class Delivery

the plan is for our buffalo and rochester campuses to be fully open to students from the start of the fall semester, while managing the size of gatherings and following physical distancing and personal protective equipment mandates from state and public health authorities.

the goal for all regularly scheduled on-campus courses (undergraduate and post-traditional) is to have an in-person component. the expectation is that students will attend classes on campus, but we have made upgrades to our technology as a means to supplement classroom learning and improve the overall student experience.   

to allow for the accommodation of vulnerable populations and flexibility in responding to classroom capacity regulations, our it team has installed equipment and software to provide for the following, starting on the first day of classes on august 31:

  • all classes will be live-streamed.
  • all live-streamed classes will be recorded.
  • all recorded classes will be posted to the class’ blackboard site to access at later times.
  • all live-streamed classes allow for real-time engagement by remote learners.

following new york state mandates, on-campus classes can be held filling up to 50% of a room’s maximum capacity and up to a class size of 50 students. faculty will survey students and arrange the class sessions to accommodate the maximum capacity constraints. faculty will also be able to engage with students and provide individualized support through in-person meetings and small group sessions.

separate procedures have been established for laboratory classes and other classes that rely on the completion of essential tasks. as always, reach out to your faculty member with any questions. in these times, you can’t over-communicate!

we are working diligently to ensure that we can safely welcome you back to campus this fall. as a result of the covid-19 restrictions (limiting room capacity, maintaining physical distancing, etc.), there may be some necessary changes to student schedules. these changes will be made over the next few weeks, so please don’t be alarmed if you are checking your schedule. please rest assured that departments are doing their best to minimize disruptions while also following safety protocols. be sure to check your medaille email for further communications regarding any schedule changes. we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this process, and we will do our best to work with you to create a manageable schedule.

as we approach the fall semester, students should also check their emails for course updates from individual professors about the delivery methods and pertinent information for each class. students are required to attend classes at the scheduled time per the instructions of the faculty member teaching the course.

students (with smartphones) are also required to install the fletch contact tracing app (made by smartypants) from the app store (ios) or the google play store (android), and should create an account. follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to install and set up the fletch app. fletch is a technology that automatically takes attendance by detecting the presence of students' smartphones. this streamlined approach will assist the college in identifying who has been on campus for instruction and where, and the technology will be useful for contact tracing should someone identify as covid-19 positive. all students are asked to download and activate the free app to assist the college in its efforts to support public safety and well-being.

undergraduate new student orientation will still be held on saturday, august 29 and sunday, august 30. new freshmen and transfer students should be sure to complete the new student checklist before the start of the fall semester, and faculty will be in touch with all new on-ground students to schedule individual in-person or zoom meetings for the first week of classes.


medaille college rochester campus hours of operation

starting on august 31, the rochester campus administrative offices will be open to students by appointment only from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., monday through friday. the rochester campus, including its library facilities, will be fully open to students during the following times.

  • monday: 2 to 8 p.m.
  • tuesday-thursday: 1 to 10 p.m.
  • one weekend per month, based on the times of clinical mental health counseling classes

Campus Health & Safety Protocol

  1. what to do if you have had “close contact” with a covid + or covid symptomatic individual (updated 9/2/2020)
  2. ​​​​​​what to do if you have had “proximate contact” with a covid + or covid symptomatic individual (updated 9/2/2020)
  3. what to do if you have a suspected or confirmed case of covid-19

in an effort to preserve the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and their families, medaille will enforce the following procedures and safety precautions to be followed on the buffalo and rochester campuses. these policies adhere to new york state law and mandates, as well as information and recommended best practices from public health and higher education industry experts.

$25 citations will be issued to those who do not follow college policies for covid-19 safety and wellness requirements.

students, faculty and staff must complete the “covid-19 check-in form” on medaille 360 before coming to campus each day (or before leaving their residence hall, in the case of resident students). the student version will be available through blackboard, as well. other campus visitors should fill out the visitor health screening form prior to coming to campus.

if you test positive for covid-19, have had close contact with someone with a suspected case or diagnosis of covid-19 in the last 14 days, or if you are experiencing symptoms not attributed to another condition (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, unexplained headache, nausea or vomiting, or a new loss of taste or smell), stay home. for resident students, a portion of the north residence hall will be reserved for any quarantine situation. contact the director of residence life at (716) 880-2449 with any questions.

students, faculty and staff should monitor their health on a daily basis for symptoms of covid-19. students should notify the student health center at (716) 880-2155 or if they exhibit symptoms, test positive or have had close contact with someone with a suspected diagnosis in the last 14 days. faculty and staff who test positive for covid-19, or believe they have had close contact with someone with a diagnosis in the last 14 days, should report it to director of human resources bobbie bilotta at (716) 880-2265 or

ensure that a distance of at least 6 ft. is maintained between yourself and other individuals while on campus, to the extent possible and when seated in a classroom setting or meeting, unless the core activity (e.g. lab procedure) requires a shorter distance or individuals are of the same residence.

any time you come within 6 ft. of another person who does not reside in the same residence, acceptable face coverings (cloth-based face coverings, surgical masks or face shields that cover both the mouth and nose) must be worn, per the new york state mandate. students, employees and visitors are required to wear face masks in common areas or in situations where physical distancing may be difficult to maintain, such as riding in elevators, entering/exiting classrooms or student centers, and traveling around the campus. it is also required that students and faculty wear face masks in the classroom setting.

all students, faculty and staff can receive up to two free, reusable face masks from medaille. distribution plans for students will be announced soon, and faculty and staff should contact their department vp. reusable masks are also available for purchase at the medaille college bookstore.

face masks and students with disabilities: medaille college will not offer an exemption to mask-wearing for anyone, given the public health risk this poses to our community. the college recognizes that wearing a face mask may be difficult for some individuals with a disability who:

have respiratory related health conditions which may impair breathing

have documented diagnoses including ptsd, anxiety, autism or claustrophobia that heighten symptoms while wearing a face mask

experience increased sensory overload or feeling of panic while wearing a face mask

have limited mobility in their hands, wrists and fingers, and may not be able to independently put on or remove a face mask

utilize mouth controlled assistive technology

any student who is medically unable to wear a mask should contact the office of accessibility services (oas) to determine alternative access options. students may reach oas by phone at (716) 880-3088 or by email at alternative access options will be communicated with faculty on a case-by-case basis.

any laboratory-based course or assignments will include the use of extensive personal protective equipment for the safety of our students and faculty, and students must follow the instructions received from their instructors.

maximum capacities of classrooms will be reduced to 50%, per the new york state mandate. students, faculty and staff must adhere to the capacity signs posted outside of each room on campus.

plexiglas protective shields are being installed around all classroom podiums, as well as the reception desks of frequently visited offices. students, faculty and staff are asked to respect these barriers to help us maintain safe physical distancing standards, and faculty and staff should sanitize these areas regularly.

be sure to carefully follow the instructions of signage around campus, including direction arrows and lane markers. small hallways and stairways will be one-way. wider hallways and stairways will have lane markers.

wash your hands frequently, with soap and warm water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 60% or more alcohol.

classrooms and general access areas (computer labs, the library, etc.) will each have a supply of sanitizing wipes. similar to pre-covid gym protocols, students are asked to wipe down their space before and after using it. that is, you come into class; you take a wipe and wipe down the chair and desk. when class is over, you wipe down your space again.

limit the sharing of objects, such as laptops, notebooks, touchscreens and writing utensils, as well as the touching of shared surfaces, such as tables.

properly dispose of soiled items, including face masks, in trash receptacles.

cough or sneeze into your elbow, not into the air or your hands.

avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes, nose or mouth.

campus shuttles are suspended until further notice. make sure to stop by public safety for a parking pass, in order to park in medaille college lots!

the actions we take over the next few months will determine whether we can be on campus together throughout the entire fall semester. if you cannot abide by the practices outlined above, we encourage you to study remotely. for those who return to campus and do not comply with these policies, you may face referrals for violation of the code of student conduct and subsequent sanctions. the safety of our community is a shared responsibility. we must all do our part to keep the medaille community safe.

vulnerable populations

students who believe they are in a vulnerable population that puts them at high risk for covid-19 due to underlying medical conditions should contact the office of accessibility services at (716) 880-3088 or students in a vulnerable population who are uncomfortable being on campus will have the option to attend and participate in classes via live-streaming. if students have academic-related questions or concerns related to covid-19 accommodations, they may contact interim vice president for academic affairs dr. janel curry at if resident students have any questions or concerns about covid-19 accommodations or procedures in the residence halls, they may contact vice president for student development amy dekay at

requests for remote learning for the fall of 2020
complete and email by september 8 at 11:59 p.m. to

faculty and staff who are in a vulnerable population must contact director of human resources bobbie bilotta at 716-880-2265 or faculty in a vulnerable population or who are uncomfortable being on campus have been given an option to fill their teaching load requirements with fully online sections. staff in a vulnerable population will work with their supervisor on a work-from-home arrangement, if that is possible.


summer campus visits

if you are a current student who needs to come to campus between now and the start of the fall semester, we want you to be able to visit campus or receive services in the fashion you are most comfortable. for your safety and convenience, we continue to provide services to students and families via email or phone. the most common offices for this are listed below.

registrar: or (716) 880-2365

financial aid: or (716) 880-2256

student accounts: or (716) 880-2235

residence life: or (716) 880-2449

if you need or prefer to handle something in-person, please call beforehand to make an appointment with the appropriate office. when you come to campus, please adhere to these guidelines:


residence halls

new york state and erie county have provided resident living requirements and recommendations for colleges and their residential living experience. medaille's residence life team has reviewed these documents, and is working hard to be ready to welcome you back to our residence halls. we are implementing protocols for cleaning and disinfection, appropriate physical distancing, face masks, restrictions on visitors, and designated spaces for students undergoing isolation or quarantine. please understand that guidance is changing frequently, which may force us to alter protocols and procedures for our residence halls.

the office of residence life will communicate with resident students regarding when and how they will move into their residence hall. students should not come on campus until they have been directed to do so. residents must be cleared in the following ways in order to move in: completed housing application, completed housing contract, registered for fall 2020 classes, and completed payment plan / in good financial standing with the college. residence life will obtain verification from campus departments responsible for the above prior to releasing housing assignment letters that will detail move-in dates and times. it is imperative that families review their online bills after july 1 and complete the necessary checklist items to clear their accounts no later than august 1 to ensure a smooth transition. many of these checklist items apply to new and returning students. the checklist for new students can be viewed online.

move-in process:
we will be hosting a phased move-in process for residential students. students will require an appointment to ensure appropriate physical distancing and levels of density on campus. any individual involved in an early drop-off or move-in day will be required to wear face masks from their car until they are in their private residence. obtaining keys will be a touchless process for our community's safety. id cards will be provided upon check-in under the tent outside of the south residence hall for the weekend of august 29-30. students participating in early drop-off will be swiped into their rooms by residence life staff. students will then be scheduled to return to campus during maverick move-in to officially check in and retrieve their id card.

students will have access to one bin during move in. students will be provided sanitation supplies, and we ask that all individuals sanitize moving equipment before and after use. all equipment is obtained in south hall and must be returned to south hall. 

additionally, students will only be permitted to bring two people to campus, along with themselves, to assist with the drop-off of belongings. to come to campus, students and guests will be asked to complete a health screening form:  

student health screening form

visitor health screening form


Drop-off Days & Move-in Dates

thursday, august 13 – friday, august 28
all resident students (new and returning, including approved groups for early move-in) within 50 miles of medaille will be scheduled for an “early drop-off” of belongings in their assigned rooms and return home. this will be a same-day, in-and-out drop-off without an overnight stay. this is not the move-in period. students will be provided access to their rooms but will not receive their keys until they return on their official move-in date listed below. advance sign-up will be required for preset early drop-off time slots by using the link provided in your housing assignment email. this is to reduce and space out the time and traffic involved with what has been our traditional move-in, while supporting necessary physical distancing.

below is the residential move-in plans for those required to quarantine based on new york state guidance:

thursday, august 13 move-in
all fall sport student-athletes who need to self-quarantine based on the new york state orders should plan to arrive to begin the self-quarantine period.

friday, august 14 move-in
all other students who need to self-quarantine based on new york state orders should plan to arrive to begin the self-quarantine period.


other approved groups for early move-in: 

sunday, august 23
heop program, 2 p.m.

monday, august 24
admissions ambassadors, 3 p.m.

friday, august 28
orientation leaders, 3 p.m.


for resident students not falling in the above approved groups for early move-in, below is the schedule:

saturday, august 29
new students to the college moving from outside of 50 miles will be staggered for move-in with preset time slots between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. new students within 50 miles of the college who participated in the early drop-off will return to campus between 1 and 3 p.m. to permanently reside and begin the new student orientation program at 3 p.m.

sunday, august 30
returning students to the college outside of 50 miles will be staggered for move-in with preset time slots between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. returning students within 50 miles of the college who participated in the early drop-off will return to campus between 2 and 4 p.m. to permanently reside.

monday, august 31
first day of classes for all students.


hygiene of living quarters
national management services will oversee the general cleaning and sanitation of common spaces in the residence halls, along with hand sanitizer dispensers. students are expected to clean their bathrooms on a daily basis and/or after someone who is not a part of the shared family unit uses the facility. hygiene of bathrooms include cleaning all components of the shower, sink, toilet, floor and door handle, and there shall be no residue of bodily fluids in bathroom.


residential visitor policy
resident students may visit other resident students within both north and south halls, as long as they are not currently in quarantine or isolation. commuter students and other visitors are not permitted within the residence halls. exceptions to this policy include vendors who are pre-approved by medaille college to maintain the facility.

*other polices and procedure on sanitation, physical distancing, residential visitors and community-building programs will be communicated directly with resident students in the weeks to come. see the covid-19 testing, quarantining and contact tracing section for details on those resident student procedures. 

if you have any questions, you may reach out to the director of residence life at (716) 880-2449.



*updated august 3

medaille has made the difficult decision to postpone fall sports; however, fall student-athlete engagement opportunities will continue.

over the course of the last several months, medaille has closely monitored the impact of covid-19 on the world and specifically higher education and new york state. we were very hopeful that with the declining positive cases in new york and pennsylvania, we would be able to continue with fall sports, including competition. over the last couple of weeks, a growing number of athletic conferences and colleges and universities across the country have cancelled or postponed fall sports. locally, the empire 8, neac, and sunyac have all made the difficult decisions to postpone fall sports. most recently, the president’s council of the allegheny mountain collegiate conference (amcc) met and voted to also postpone high and medium risk fall sports. while this is extremely disappointing, we understand the effects that covid-19 continues to exhibit within our communities.

medaille is committed to providing safe engagement opportunities for all student-athletes over the fall semester. the college plans to move all fall sports to the spring semester, and will compete against our conference peers for the amcc president’s cup. colleges and universities at the d3 level await an ncaa decision on moving fall championships to the spring, which would permit post season championship play for all d3 student-athletes.

making this decision was extremely difficult, and we understand the disappointment this brings to the entire medaille community. the college recognizes the value of the athletic experience and believes that d3 athletics enrich the lives of our student-athletes and our entire campus. as we move forward, we stand firm in remaining committed to the student-athlete experience. 

those student-athletes residing on campus who need to quarantine based on new york state guidelines should still plan to report on august 13. updated move-in information for all other fall sport athletes will be forthcoming. new students should plan to arrive august 29; returning student should arrive august 30. early drop-off of belongings will still continue as scheduled.

student-athletes are encouraged to reach out to their respective coaches for more information.

international students & Those Traveling From Other States

international students.
our academic plan is to have in-person classes throughout the entire semester. as long as the state does not tell us to close the campus, this is our plan. therefore, your student visa is good to go! plan on self-isolating for two weeks after move-in on august 13 or 14. (see move-in schedule in the residence halls section above.)

domestic students and faculty traveling from a quarantined state.
plan on self-quarantining for two weeks prior to your arrival on campus, per new york state mandates.

we are blocking out part of the north residence hall for quarantine purposes. if needed, commuter students (as well as faculty and staff) will quarantine at home.

it is recommended that anyone required to quarantine based on new york state orders should also undergo diagnostic covid-19 nasal swab testing, no more than 10 days prior to arrival to campus or immediately upon arrival to campus. medaille is blocking out part of the north residence hall for quarantine purposes. if needed, commuter students (as well as faculty and staff) will quarantine at home. see the covid-19 testing, Quarantining & Contract Tracing section for more information.


dining services

chartwells is the strategic partner to the college for dining services. in collaboration, we will be adhering to the following procedures to align with new york state mandates and public health recommendations.

there will be fewer seats and adjusted table spacing and chairs in the dining room to accommodate physical distancing and room capacity protocol.

all eating locations, tables and chairs will be regularly wiped down and sterilized.

there will be sanitizing stations placed throughout the sullivan center.

back-of-house cleaning procedures will take place every 30 minutes. the culinary team will clean and sanitize surfaces and high-touch areas.

from 2 to 5 p.m. daily, dining services will be closed, so the chartwells team can disinfect the entire facility.

face masks will be worn by all chartwells staff, delivery personnel, and medaille students, faculty and staff picking up food.

chartwells associates will be required to fill out a health questionnaire and receive a contactless temperature check prior to their shift each day.

chartwells staff will wear gloves at all times when handling food.

chartwells associates will wash their hands and change their gloves every 30 minutes or less.

there will no longer be self-serve stations.

there will be plexiglas barriers put in place at all registers and points of service for additional protection of staff and customers.

there will be one-way traffic management to help guests navigate dining service and seating areas.

floor decals and signs will help guests follow proper distancing and aid flow of service.

there will be a staff member at the entrance, monitoring the number of guests entering the serving location.

catered events will serve prepackaged food options.

see the full medaille chartwells fall 2020 campus planning guide.


Custodial & Sanitation Services

national management resources (nmr) is the strategic partner to the college that manages grounds, facilities, maintenance and housekeeping. on a daily/nightly basis, nmr will be going through the campus to clean and sanitize. the current protocol is each classroom, hallway, bathroom and office is cleaned nightly. all surfaces are wiped down with virex (a quaternary-based disinfectant proven to kill germs), the garbage taken out and the floor vacuumed. classrooms and common areas are stocked with hand sanitizer for student and staff use, as well as performex rtu, a disinfectant cleaner that meets cdc standards for effectiveness against viruses including covid-19. in addition, all rooms on campus have had a detailed sanitization over the summer, including wiping down all surfaces, carpet extraction and extraction of chairs.


covid-19 Testing, Quarantining & Contact Tracing

covid-19 testing

free nasal-swab testing is available through erie county or monroe county. visit the erie county ny department of health website or the monroe county website to see the latest information about testing locations and services in your area. if you are an erie county resident, you do not need a script or a healthcare provider to take advantage of the free covid-19 testing. call (716) 858-2929 to schedule an appointment.

the medaille college student health center will also have covid-19 self-collection kits, provided by quest laboratory, available for students experiencing symptoms or who have had exposure to a suspected or confirmed positive case of covid-19. students may take the test back to their residence and perform it with the assistance of a telemedicine visit. arrangements can be made for specimen drop off at the buffalo campus student health center, which will then be sent to quest labs. 

testing for covid-19 should be covered under the student’s health insurance. if a student does not have health insurance, a referral will be provided to obtain free testing through available testing sites in buffalo. the college has contracted with liberty cab to provide transport to students who need it in order to take them to a drive-through testing site.

it is recommended that any student required to quarantine based on new york state orders should undergo viral testing using the pcr nasal swab molecular test for sars-cov2, no more than 10 days prior to arrival to campus or immediately upon arrival to campus.

if a student takes a diagnostic nasal-swab covid-19 test or tests positive for the virus, they must report that information to the medaille college wellness center by contacting the director of student health services amy glover, msn, anp-bc, aprn, at (716) 880-2155 or faculty and staff who test positive for covid-19 should report it to director of human resources bobbie bilotta at (716) 880-2265 or


Quarantine & Isolation:

based on new york state orders at the time of move-in, some resident students will be required to complete a pre-cautionary quarantine for 14 days prior to integrating into campus living. commuter students and faculty required to complete a pre-cautionary quarantine per new york state orders should plan on self-isolating for 14 days at home prior to coming to campus.

students who are assigned to pre-cautionary quarantine are advised to monitor their symptoms daily, check their temperature in the morning and evening, and complete a symptom and temperature log. the student health center nurse will review these daily.

if a student suspects they have been exposed to covid-19 through close contact with a covid-19 positive individual, or develops symptoms of the virus at any point before or during the semester, they should self-quarantine, monitor their symptoms and contact the student health center as soon as possible at (716) 880-2155 or anyone who is quarantining due to close contact with a covid-19 positive individual should complete the covid-19 contact tracing report form. if a student is residing on campus and unable to return home, medaille has a designated quarantine living area with a single bedroom and bathroom. during self-quarantine, students will be expected to monitor and log their symptoms daily, as well as perform self-temperature checks twice daily.

for students experiencing covid-19 symptoms, nasal swab testing is required. the student should remain in quarantine until they receive the test results and consult with the student health center, which will evaluate if they meet the guidelines for ending quarantine. medaille will require a nurse/provider and counselor be available on call at all times to address any changes to health status and/or a mental health crisis experienced by a quarantined student. 

resident students will be encouraged to stay on campus as much as possible to reduce risk of exposure to self and family members. however, in the case that a resident chooses to travel to a known “hot spot,” they will be asked to self-identify in order to quarantine accordingly.  students that knowingly travel to a “hot spot” may have to quarantine off campus at their own expense. 

if a resident believes that they have symptoms related to covid-19 or believes that they may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for covid-19, they should remain in their residence hall room and contact a residence life staff member immediately. that individual will be placed in quarantine, the student health center will be contacted and the student will be instructed to schedule a telehealth visit with the student health center. the student health center will advise if the student should then be placed into isolation based on symptoms and test results. 

if a resident student receives confirmation of a positive covid-19 test while on campus, that student will be offered the option of returning home if within a 250 mile radius to isolate and recuperate for a minimum period of 14 days. if the student is unable to return home and if they are medically stable, medaille has identified residential living spaces for the purposes of quarantine and isolation. if medications are needed for the resident student in isolation or quarantine, arrangements can be made for pharmacy delivery to the campus and delivery to their room. food, health care, medicine, psychosocial, and academic support will also be made available.

for resident students in isolation or quarantine, chartwells dining services will provide a weekly menu cycle to include breakfast, lunch and dinner monday through friday and brunch and dinner saturday and sunday. daily meals will be delivered at the same time. all foods must be consumed or refrigerated immediately. all meals will be packaged in disposable packaging and labeled with the student’s name. all hot meals will be delivered cold with microwaveable instructions. all foods that are not shelf-stable are monitored for time and temperature holding. temperatures are taken just prior to departure from dining operations, and upon delivery to campus buildings. residents in quarantine or needing meal delivery who have food allergies or medically related dietary restrictions must coordinate with the office of residence life who will then contact dining services for accommodations. every effort will be made to honor religious dietary needs. students should coordinate through the office of residence life.

residents who need to quarantine or isolate will be instructed to pack everything that they need for 14 days, including enough clothes for that time as laundry services will not be available. students will return to their assigned residency only after medical clearance from the college’s student health center.

in the event that quarantining or isolation is needed for commuter students, faculty or staff due to out-of-state travel, symptoms of illness or a positive covid-19 diagnosis, they will be asked to isolate or quarantine at their homes. 


Contact Tracing & Reporting:

the director of student health services is responsible for notifying the erie county health department and new york state department of health immediately upon being informed of any positive covid-19 test results on campus. the college will cooperate with the local health department to trace all contacts.

medaille will also be utilizing fletch, a contact tracing app that all students, faculty and staff (with smartphones) are required to download to assist the college in its efforts to support public safety and well-being. all you need to do is download the fletch contact tracing app (made by smartypants) from the app store (ios) or the google play store (android), and set up your account. follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to install and set up the fletch app. the fletch technology automatically detects the presence of smartphones. this streamlined approach will assist the college in identifying who has been on campus for instruction and where, and this technology will be useful for contact tracing should someone identify as covid-19 positive. it is a free attendance tracking app, so we will be able to tell you if you were in class with a person who has tested positive, or in the library, or a computer lab, and so on.

contact tracing: medaille college and the fletch app

the college will follow the guidance of erie county and new york state to track the metrics that will serve as early warning signs that positive cases may be increasing beyond an acceptable level and the required method(s) to monitor against such metrics.


College Bookstore & Library

medaille college bookstore
the medaille college bookstore is pleased to announce that it will be reopening its doors to customers, starting on august 10. store hours will be monday to friday, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., through august 21. regular hours should resume on monday august 24.

in order to help us maintain physical distancing, we ask that all bookstore customers do the following:

1.    order your books online so that they are ready to go when you arrive. 
2.    please follow the blue lines on the floor that mark off check-out lines and one-way aisles. 
3.    please be considerate of others and be patient if you are asked to wait while the store is at capacity. store occupancy is limited to six people at a time, due to the small space and new york state maximum capacity regulations.  
4.    wear a face mask. (in accordance with state mandates, medaille is requiring all students, employees and campus visitors to wear masks. masks are available for purchase in the bookstore for $11.95 per two pack.) 

you may also call the store at (716) 880-2252 to arrange for curbside pickup during hours of operation. 


medaille college library 

due to nys guidelines and mandates, medaille college library access will be limited to medaille students, faculty, staff and alumni, until further notice.

medaille’s buffalo campus library will be reopened for student use on thursday, august 27, with limited public hours through august 30. beginning on the first day of classes on august 31, longer day, evening and weekend hours will resume: 

  • monday – thursday: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • saturday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • sunday: 1-9 p.m.

to help preserve the health of our students and staff, we will be implementing the following safety precautions:

  • will require everyone to wear masks 
  • have eliminated and re-arranged furniture to ensure physical distancing
  • have taken some computers off-line to increase space between students 
  • will dedicate the collaboratorium (h108) for student computing only (to make up for lost computers in the library)
  • will have a system in place to quarantine books and physical materials when returned (based on new york state library association and oclc recommendations)
  • will provide hand sanitizer for student and staff use, as well as performex rtu, a disinfectant cleaner that meets cdc standards for effectiveness against viruses including covid-19
  • will work with national management resources to ensure a frequent cleaning regimen of all shared spaces and objects
  • will install keyboard covers for more effective cleaning

as always, library services, resources and databases may also be accessed online.


buffalo campus library tour


rochester campus library and lobby tour


frequently asked questions

will there still be a new student orientation and new student academic convocation?

yes, and details can be viewed online at


what if i am a student who does not have access to internet and/or computers at home?

medaille’s library and computer labs will be open for use and will be equipped with disinfectant wipes for student use and safety.


should i show up for class each day?

faculty members will communicate with students about the delivery methods (on-ground, online or a mix) for each course. regardless if students are instructed to attend a class in-person or through a live-stream online, attendance will be taken, and students must plan on attending all courses at their scheduled times.

important phone numbers:

public safety: (716) 880-2911

student development: (716) 880-2224

academic advisement center: (716) 880-2227

academic support center: (716) 880-2214

athletics: (716) 880-2168

residence life: (716) 880-2449

counseling center: (716) 880-2339

student health services: (716) 880-2155

registrar’s office: (716) 880-2365

financial aid: (716) 880-2256

admissions: (716) 880-2200

it help desk: (716) 880-2282

student accounts: (716) 880-2235